A Spirit-filled Community Church 
in the Heart of Latrobe

345 Main St. Latrobe, PA 15650 (724) 537-6169


Imagine a group of people giving all they can for the Kingdom of God, because they realize all that they are and all that they have comes from Jesus, because their hearts are exploding with gratitude, because they sacrifice for what they believe in, because they just can’t help themselves…this is The Way.

Imagine a group of people from all walks of life mingling and building relationships with one another and doing life together, because they understand that all people matter to God, because they truly want to add value to other people’s lives, because their greatest goal is to love with immeasurable abundance…this is The Way.

Imagine a group of people who understand that it is their responsibility to care for one another, as well as those in need who are outside of their community, because our mission is to reflect Jesus Christ in practical ways, because our lives are not our own, because we are a people who truly, deeply, sincerely care…this is The Way.

Imagine a church that has no walls, a Gospel that knows no limits, and a practice of worship that gets celebrated every day of the week…this is The Way.


Contact Pastor Sean: pastorsean@thewaychurchonline.com

Above all else we strive to live the way of Jesus.